Fresh Fruit: A fresh mixture of Pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries and blueberries served in their own juices,

Sausage Bites:  Sweet Italian Sausage and Bavarian Ham bites with a Maple    Glaze,

Oven Baked French Toast:  Thick sliced baguettes with dried cranberries,      baked fluffy and light with a brown sugar walnut topping,

Farmer’s Breakfast:  Baked casserole of egg, hickory smoked bacon, diced potatoes, sautéed onions and sweet bell peppers,

Croissants:  freshly baked and served with assorted preserves and honey butter

Brunch Menu is served buffet style

$15.00 Per Person

Hot Beverage Station:  Coffee, DeCaf and Assorted Teas

$2.50 Per Person


Above prices do not reflect 8% meals tax and 20% Gratuity

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